Music of the Spheres - World Tour SUSTAINABILITY

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    We have pledged to cut the tour’s direct emissions by more than 50% compared to our previous tour (2016-17), and work with our partners and suppliers to reduce their impacts and emissions as much as possible.

    We’ve teamed up with DHL as the tour’s Official Logistics Partner in order to minimise emissions from freight and transportation. As leaders in the field of sustainable transport and logistics, DHL support the tour by offering solutions to minimise logistics-related emissions and other environmental impacts, from advanced biofuels in the air to electric vehicles on land.

    Where we cannot reduce, we will be drawing down any unavoidable emissions following the guidance within the Oxford Principles for Net-Zero Aligned carbon offsetting.



    We continue to capture climate impact data and calculate our environmental footprint aligning to emissions reporting standards and appropriate conversion factors.


    We have adapted all tour operations to minimise emissions, in line with the best science and practices: from set build to travel to freight to power.


    We avoid fossil fuels, use clean energy and use reusable and sustainable biomaterials wherever possible.

    CO2 drawdown

    Despite our best efforts, the tour will still have a significant carbon footprint. We pledge to drawdown more CO2 than the tour produces supporting projects based on reforestation, rewilding, conservation, soil regeneration, carbon capture & storage and renewable energy.

    As part of this pledge, the tour is funding the planting – and lifelong protection of – millions of new trees including one tree for every ticket sold.