Music of the Spheres - World Tour SUSTAINABILITY

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    We will power our stage production almost entirely with renewable, super-low emission energy.  We will avoid fossil fuels wherever possible.


    We will install solar tiles in the build-up to each show, on the stadium floor, outer concourses and on the stage. The show battery will start charging as soon as we arrive at the venue.


    HVO fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is recycled from waste cooking oils and does not contain palm oil. HVO can lower generator emissions by up to 90%. Wherever possible, we will also use HVO in our buses and trucks, meaning super-low emissions from our show transportation as well.


    In partnership with BMW, we have developed the first ever mobile, rechargeable show battery - made from recyclable BMW i3 batteries - which will power our show with renewable energy wherever we go. We can charge the battery from multiple sources including recycled cooking oil from restaurants, solar energy, grid renewables and even kinetic energy from the fans.


    We will install a kinetic floor in and around the stadium so that the fans’ movements can be converted into energy and help to power the show. We will install electricity-generating power bikes so that fans can choose to actively charge our show battery.


    Wherever it’s available, we will use mains power from 100% renewable sources. (This is why we’re starting the tour in Costa Rica, where 99% of mains power is renewable. Read more)