Music of the Spheres - World Tour SUSTAINABILITY

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    We send a sustainability rider to all venues and stadiums in advance to request best environmental practices.

    In various locations, in order to minimise freight emissions, we adapt the show so we can utilise local equipment, materials and resources.

    We select building materials and show effects based on their environmental credentials:


    Stages are built from a combination of lightweight, low-carbon and re-usable materials including recycled steel, that can be appropriately reused or recycled at the end of the tour.


    The reusable LED wristbands worn by the audience as part of the show are made from 100% compostable, plant-based materials.

    We have reduced wristband production by 80% through collecting, sterilising and recharging them after every show.

    Our wristband return rate averaged 86% during the first year of the tour. 


    The show has upgraded to ultra-efficient equipment such as a low-energy LED screens laser and lighting systems and a PA system with up to 50% less power consumption compared to the previous tour, which also dramatically reduces environmental noise outside the venues.

    Special effects

    Confetti used during the show is 100% biodegradable and requires considerably less compressed gas for ignition than on previous tours.

    We are using a new generation of sustainable pyrotechnics that have less explosive charge and new formulas that greatly reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals. All tubing and holders are either biodegradable or recyclable.